Writing reports in RStudio: an introduction to RMarkdown

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RMarkdown is a powerful tool for producing documents with embedded R code, allowing you to easily reproduce analysis and greatly simplify your data-driven workflow. It can be used to generate dynamic reports, presentations, journal papers, and even your thesis!

The presentation was designed to provide a whistle-stop tour of the benefits of RMarkdown, explaining the basic syntax to get started and highlighting some of the more advance things which you could use RMarkdown for.

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Reading is essential to gain a full understanding of RMarkdown. The following links are recommended within the presentation.

RMarkdown Detailed Guidance

  • RMarkdown Website: Essential reading: used for much of the content of this presentation
  • Knitr Code Chunk Options: the full list of commands which can be used to control code output for the chunks
  • YAML PDF Settings: a full list of commands which can be used to control the output of PDF documents (LaTeX) within RMarkdown.

Cheat Sheets

  • RMarkdown Cheatsheet: A very reference sheet. Print this out and have above your desk when you start learning RMarkdown.
  • RMarkdown Reference: similar to the cheatsheet, but provides more detail surrounding the customisation and documents settings.


Other Presentations:

  • Reproducible Research: a great presentation which provides more details on the reproducible research aspects of this presentation.

sotonthesis package

Link to sotonthesis

The presentation introduced the package sotonthesis, which is a template designed to create documents within RMarkdown in line with the University of Southampton Thesis template.

While the template is designed to minimise edits made by the user, it is recommended that you read the bookdown and have a strong understanding of RMarkdown.

Supporting Code

  • To be added

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